So you are going to sign up for a program at UCLA, which would compel you to go for accommodation. There are two options available at the time, college dorms and Apartments near UCLA for rent. The question of whether to live on campus during college is an important one. Colleges can charge a lot of money for room and board so the decision is important. That said, there are some clear financial pros and cons to being in a dorm, however, and knowing what they are can make it easier to decide where to live.

We conducted a survey to find out what challenges UCLA is facing, the state of their facilities and what improvements they would like to see in their residential life programs and buildings. Here are some results from that survey.

This is something we all consider before anything else, because things may get rough if you financial base is not strong. Who would take care of your expanses, you need to do the entire math here. Often, these funds can cover on-campus housing, because the money is directed straight to the school. However, in many cases, students may not be able to use funding from these sources to go for Apartments near UCLA for rent. Further, students with 529 plans or other college savings plans may find that plan rules virtually limit them to living on campus. If you cross the limit of taking money from 529 plans and pay your off-campus housing expanses, taxes would be the result. Depending on the plan in question, a student may have enough money to live off campus comfortably, but not be able to actually use the money for that purpose without incurring significant penalties.

1. No Privacy

Be prepared to share your room with other students if you are living ina room, this is done through a choice if you have opted for Apartments near UCLA for rent. Not to say you won’t love your roommate, but everyone needs some space. Things get even worse when your roommates fall in love with someone and you would need to witness all the lusty encounters and feel like a permanent third wheel. You can avoid this by selecting one of the Apartments near UCLA for rent. Can’t I just lie in bed and watch Grey’s for the 100th time— alone?

2. Random searches

With any dorm there’s always going to be RAs. You will probably form a love/hate relationship with them. Every month you will be subject to room checks to make sure you’re not doing anything hazardous and that your room is fairly clean. This isn’t so bad, but we all have those weeks that allows for nothing but studying, eating, and sleeping. Plus let’s face it, sometimes my room looks messy to others, but I know exactly where everything is!

3. Laundry War

May the odds be ever in your favour. That is not so, you need to spare time for laundry is one thing, however actually doing your laundry is absolutely another. Various Apartments near UCLA for rent provide laundry services. Even when you think laundry will be a breeze… it usually won’t be. There are always people who strive to take care of their laundry and later on, get off the planet for good! I cannot even begin to count the times I’ve managed to get a washer only to find that the dryers are full of clothes with no one to claim them. You will have to go through laundry struggles if you live in the dorms, this can be avoided if you choose to live in Apartments near UCLA for rent.
Are you suffering from this boring dorm life, get to and kiss the freedom we provide through the best Apartments near UCLA for rent.

Posted by: zuma on June 7, 2018