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School is out!

Well, unless you are trying to learn three new coding languages before this time next year, like UCLA student Paul Lee.  Paul is an Undergrad in the IT program and just found out about 30 days ago that instead of graduating, he was going to take nine more credits with the hopeful intent of setting himself up for greater professional opportunity. So, instead of enjoying a week in Cancun with his girlfriend, Paul will be studying for a mid-term next week.

Like so many of Zuma Housing’s tenants, Paul will find himself in the UCLA area for longer than expected this summer. Also like Paul, many of UCLA’s student make-up is from out of state or in many cases from out of the country.

TGraduate on Stairshis brings up a pressing question for those unfamiliar to Westwood. “Where can you get something good to eat around here?” Los Angeles in itself is a melting pot, but if we examine Westwood, what we get are many different cultures piled into a very small space in West LA, most of which all have common lifestyles, whether it be in and out of the classroom or on the way to a business meeting Westwood moves fast. This is when good food on the go is crucial. Here are three places that offer quick, quality bites right in the heart of Westwood.

Nushi Sushi offers simplicity and delicious variety wrapped up into a jumbo-sized sushi roll. Stopping in here on a break is practical as you can order ahead. Traditional sushi options such as salmon and spicy tuna to freshly grilled chicken make up the protein choices at Nushi Sushi, wrapped in either seaweed or soy paper along with white or brown rice.  As pictured, these rolls are the size of a burrito so it is sure to fill you up. Finishing off the sushi-rito with sides such as thinly sliced pickles and avocado, topped with an array of  sauces makes for many different tasty combinations at Nushi Sushi, located on Broxton Ave.

You don’t have to travel far to get to this next gem. A fusion of Turkish doner  and Mediterranean dishes, Spireworks lives right next door to Nushi Sushi and offers a dish served with both flavor and culture. Inspired by  the Turkish doner kebab, this fun and ethnic spot cooks its meats on a vertical rotisserie much like a Greek Gyro. Adding yummy toppings and spicy sauce to this monster of a a sandwich makes for a delicious treat. At Spireworks they also offer vegetarian options and the ability to customize your meal. No bread? No problem, your order can be served with brown rice with all of the fixings that would accommodate a sandwich. Spireworks is another great choice to grab a bite during the summer, conveniently located in Westwood Village.

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Posted by: zuma on August 4, 2017