How can you book your apartment?

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Welcome to Los Angeles!

Now, you need to find your new home. Unfortunately, there are a couple of challenges in finding the best housing option for you in Los Angeles.

  • Most of the building complexes in Los Angeles require 6-12 months leases, but you are not sure about signing for such a long commitment! Maybe, you have to change location for work or school!
  • Housing in Los Angeles is very expensive and yet you do not have a roommate to share the cost & apartment.
  • Finding the new apartment is not it! You have to take care of furnishing and setting up utilities! You also have to add utility cost on top of the rent!
  • Maintenance of the apartment may be a challenge!
  • Sometimes roommates may have conflicts!
For these reasons, Zuma Housing may be the best housing option for you, because:

  • Zuma Housing offers flexible lease terms from 1 month to 12 months.
  • Zuma Housing designs apartment packages that suit student budgets. When you sign a lease with Zuma, you are only responsible for your portion of lease not for the entire apartment!
  • All Zuma Apartments are fully furnished and utility cost is included in the rent. No hidden cost!
  • Zuma offers a maintenance service that is one click away from you! When you have a maintenance issue in your apartment, all you need to do is to send a “Maintenance Request” to Zuma. We handle your maintenance issue max 48 hours.
  • Zuma Housing manages more than +600 units in the Los Angeles area. You can always request transfer to another Zuma Unit if you need to change location!
All you need to do is to fill our “Prospective Tenant Form”! Let us find out about your housing needs and budget! We will get back to you with the best housing option in market available!

We have confidence in the price, location and condition of our units!
Please ask Zuma at least once, before you get your new apartment!